…is William Wallace retelling the battle of Stirling.
…is Humpty Dumpty entertaining children with stories.
…is company mascot encouraging pedestrians to purchase.
…is a fable character helping your child to open up to the world.
…and even a historical company founder telling about its past!

The virtual actor is a new form of interaction with clients, audience, pupils, or patients.

This combination of advanced computer graphics, animation, interesting storyline and actor’s improvisation allows you to take part in a new, fascinating experience.


What   is    ANIVATAR and  how  does  it  work?

ANIVATAR is a virtual host created specially for you.

It can become a company mascot, a robot, a fable creature, or even a historical figure. An actor unseen to the audience is responsible for its voice, facial expressions, and movements, and s/he observes and hears others by means of hidden camera and microphones.
This technology is called performance capture.

ANIVATAR interacts with the audience: it can entertain them, advertise products, and even teach.

Some medical facilities use virtual characters in treatment of autistic children, because little patients more readily open up to fable characters. New uses for this technology are still being found.


New Experiences

Who wouldn’t like to talk with a favourite cartoon or TV show character?

Now it is possible. Interaction with a virtual actor is a new and fascinating experience , that will surprise and make every viewer enthralled.

Active Participation

Viewers are no longer just passive observers but now they actively take part in the fun.

They talk with characters and influence the action on the screen. Group interaction is also possible. We are able to engage record-breaking numbers of people in the audience!

Live Interaction

ANIVATAR is an extraordinary computer animation system.

An actor controls the screen character in real time – he or she hears and listens to the audience, reacts accordingly to their behavior, conducts improvised discussions, and provides witty answers.

Attraction for Everyone

Live contact with a virtual presenter always yields vivid reactions in people of all ages.

Whether a virtual master of ceremony addresses a business man or a university student, a professor or a child – it is invariably a special, emotional, and fun experience.



Easy Handling

You don’t need a whole team of experts – all you need is just one operator for the character, either trained by us, or rented from elsewhere!

Our system is very easy to use. Operating is simple, convenient, and it doesn’t require any technical knowledge. Animation is based on simple movement controls, and the whole system is managed by means of a convenient touch panel.


ANIVATAR is a technology you can use the way you wish to.

We allow showing presentations on large, small and multiple screens; usage of single or multiple digital characters; displays in 2D or 3D, also with viewers incorporated into the action with Green Box technology. We can display films and text charts, such as presentations, quizzes, and more. We use music and diverse sound effects. We have no limits in terms of arrangement.

Distance control

Our installations can be controlled manually from any distance!

Control the virtual actor from a different continent, constantly monitoring the system’s performance and keeping track of the updates. A fast Internet connection is all you need. Technical issues? We prevent them by using remote monitoring of subsystems and SMS notifications for disturbances.
Our role does not end at the moment of purchase. We can add new elements, modify the system, and update it over the Internet, constantly increasing its potential!

of usage

Amusement Parks

An interactive show is a great attraction at large theme parks and smaller amusement centers.

Shows packed with action and humor, where the viewer is just as important as the story’s hero, make an unforgettable impression. We design installations that entertain and fascinate people of all ages!


Events and fairs

ANIVATAR has an incredible effect on people. It’s a new, brilliant way for reaching the client.

An interactive performance or commercial with a virtual presenter will disinguish every display and attract crowds of curious people – regardless of the subject matter. An animated character in motion capture technology is a perfect match for one-day events, as well as lengthy roadshows.


Science Centers and Museums

ANIVATAR is a technology of the future that enables interaction on an unprecedented level.

Shows delivered with perfect computer graphics do a wonderful job in places connected with science. It’s an exceptional addition for every display, as a source of information and knowledge of historical figures or any other choosen topic.


Advertising and Marketing

Surprise your audience. Intrigue them. Entertain, evoke admiration – and sell your product.

A virtual actor representing a brand is an exceptional promotional tool. An interactive show successfully grabs clients’ attention and stays in mind for a long time. We can create any kind of character connected with advertised product. We can even make the product „alive”!


Water Parks

An interactive performance in ANIVATAR AQUA technology is a gem among water park offers.

ANIVATAR AQUA is an underwater show, whose characters are digital animals with vast movement capabilities: dolphins, whales, or turtles. The characters entertain audience with fun facts about the sea world while doing acrobatics and various tricks.
The background teems with life: plants wave with sea currents, and shining shoals of fish majestically dance in depths. Enchant your guests with a show written specially for you.



Give performances that have been so far considered impossible to produce. Dazzle with cinematic impetus.

The usage of computer animation live in theater is an absolute novelty which gives incredible stage possibilities. Insert fantasy characters or special effects known from cinema screens into the performance. Our offer includes ready shows with virtual actors and screenplay written on assigment.



ANIVATAR is a marvelous special effect that interacts with the program’s participants and even with its audience.

Use a virtual presenter in post-production or show him or her live. Place your character on your video wall or use Green Box technology to perfectly synchronize it with program’s participants. Make use of the unlimited possibilities of interacting: for you, we will build a virtual studio for programs, in which an animated presenter communicates with people via phone.



A virtual character is a successful teacher adored by children.

Knowledge that comes from our characters gets to young listeners. We create attractive and informative lectures, lessons, quizzes, and interactive shows. We are not limited by the subject matter: an animated teacher is as good for teaching history as for teaching science. Reach out to children and teenagers – successfully.



ANIVATAR is an innovative method of treating children with developmental disorders. The technology of virtual characters brings hope for a revolution in psychiatry.

The research on the possibility of using ANIVATAR when working with autistic children is being carried out. Specialists claims that a child more willingly opens up to fable characters, which raises therapy’s effectiveness. We cooperate with medical facilities to bring new value to the domain of communication with little patients. Make use of our experience.