amusement parks | water parks | shopping centers | other places of entertainment
A fantastic attraction for children thanks to which dreams become reality. ANIVATAR Show is an interactive spectacle, which enraptures not only young audiences.

We create unique performances, where animals, fable characters, or historical figures become the heroes. A virtual character seen on a large screen entertains young viewers, asks them questions, and engages them in discussions. Our interactive systems are very simple to operate and they attract crowds of interested people.

We offer advanced screenplays prepared according to the client’s wishes. We provide trainings for actors and full technical support. We give you ready-made characters or we create them from scratch along with the show’s storyline.


fairs | press conferences | displays and presentations | other live events
Stand out, amaze your audience and be remembered. Organize a show with live, animated virtual presenter ANIVATAR Event.

Astonish clients and journalists with an impressive interactive show. Tell about a product in an unusual way using a digital character, who can talk not only with the presenter but also with the audience!

A virtual actor can take on any form: a mascot, a living product, or a person important for the company’s history. We can create character from scratch or use a ready, properly modified model. We write interesting, funny screenplays leaving a room for actors to improvise.


promotions | parties | festivals | other promotional events
Bring to life your company’s mascot and interact with clients. Live and spectacular like never before.

Attend parties, promotions, festivals, and other events with a breath-taking attraction. Entertain and astonish your clients with beautifully animated mascot of your company. ANIVATAR Identity is controlled by an unseen actor, thanks to which dialogues are always natural, fluent, and amusing. Our technology arouses curiosity, attracts people and stays in memory for a long time.

We prepare an animated company mascot or use ready models from our base. We will write a story or use stories delivered by the client. We train actors and provide technical service.


educational facilities | museums and planetariums | educational events for children
Pass knowledge in a funny and effective way. Children will love your animated teacher.

Youngsters absorb knowledge better when it is conveyed by characters form the world of fables and cartoons. Let a virtual creature conduct a lesson and you will instantly get interest and attention of children. ANIVATAR Teacher is a wonderful proposition not only for schools but also for science centers and organizers of educational events.

Choose a character from our catalogue or order a completely new virtual teacher for your facility. We deliver equipment and train teachers who will controll an animated character.


psychiatric facilities | rehabilitation facilities | medical institutions for children
VIRTUAL PUPPET Doctor is an innovative aid in treating the young ones. Virtual figures work with children with developmental, emotional, and social disorders.

Therapists noticed that children with autism much more willingly open up when talking with cartoon characters. Thanks to ANIVATAR a trained specialist may become an animated creature and more effectively communicate with their little patients.

We offer support for medical institutions interested in using our technology for therapeutic purposes. We provide equipment, training, and technical service.